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brain ; but they ought not to escape the attention of any but a su-
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catalectrotonus, or concerning the results of irritation and division of
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swollen, and in its centre we find a thin reddish, rusty, or yellow pulp.
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time of its occurrence, the secretion of urine is normal or increased. 3.
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the patient than the old-fashioned practice of giving laxatives, metal-
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pipette at the end of the period of incubation, a firm clot which renders the
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landmarks continuously in view, over familiar waters where,
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points of contact, so that at last there merely remain segments of cir-
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clear and the muscles of speech in good order, is called aphasia.
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the infection also causes, first, a severe disease of the intestinal mucous
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atrophy of the vessels of the lungs as in pleuritic effusions, emphy-
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hysterical symptoms occurring in it are exactly analogous to those
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consequently is very important in the diagnosis of meningitis. If the
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on in the bodies of young girls at the period of puberty; but we
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both sides of the spine. If the disease be of traumatic origin, we should
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accompanied by a negative phase, which lasted quite a short
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and of the excessive hypertrophy of the adjacent connective tissue of
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within the last two years at intervals of six months. During
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Carcinoma of the bladder is not common. Sometimes it is primary,
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their basement-tissue. At a later period the malignant papilloma