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cumbed to acute peritonitis and purulent infection of the liver. At the autopsy scars,

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did not feel, however, that these lesions were sufficient to account

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and continues throughout life. The earliest objective symptom is that of

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In the physiological accumulation of fat in the livers of women during

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Association what it ought to be — ^the representative

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mesentery, and mesocolon are usually retracted. The coils of intestine

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murmur lost its high intensity. This was probably due to the

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the earlier period of starvation are due to a liberation of retained excretory

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pneumonia is most common in the lower parts of the anterior

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2. Biro. "Investigations concerning the Fungus of Favus," Arch, fur Dermat. und

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with some mild preventative, such as boric acid. To build

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ing the statement that it had been read before that

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This journal is devoted solely to the advancement of medical science and the promotion of the

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:x>gether with abundant red points when the brain-substance is di-

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say that the complexity of modem medicine, the specter of

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the one to which I propose to call your attention for

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inhalation of chloroform. They were induced to enter on the

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should the pus be removed at the time of operation, but

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Teenies obtained by feeding experiments are the same as T. echinococcus or

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lapping muscles, the first one supplied, intertransversalis,

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against the pressure of immediate want or the allurement of

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nosis of syphilis has led to a general understanding of the principles of

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gastric obstruction associated with the vomiting of bile and pancreatic

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produced a revulsion in the public mind ; and in numerous in-

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manent results at his hands. In order to avoid the long skin incisions,

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mode of treatment, when the parts treated by refrigerants were

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and Mr. Lane related four fatal cases, only one of which

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quent is scirrhus, medullary next, and the least frequent are alveolar

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epizootic diseases. In the ox it frequently arises traumatically.

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The toxemia may also make itself felt on the peripheral circulation

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absolutely exclude cardiac lesions. The distress may occur in the form of

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of these cases, I have formed the opinion that the diminution of

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scope, indicating not only the presence and direction