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" British Medical Journal, 1890, i, 242 (Bibliography).
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and electricity may be given. An outdoor life is an important element in
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increased in amount, of low specific gravity, clear, and with but a faint
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in progress, may continue for many years witnout influence on the general
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or vagina does not provoke pain. He thiuKs it is a cystalgia of reflex origin,
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.'oliiiiiii .li;;i'sl.'.l in .Mitt's, «itli iliits of tli'sli. I.ii'a.l. an. I milk . Ill
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casts, the size of the heart, the condition of the retina, etc. One must, in
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^lll'C^edpd in keoiiinj: the centers of the medulla alive liy perfusion Mltli
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N'lisilivily i.f llir Cititir In Cliiin-.w in tli.' < "i > T.iisi..n nl' tli.' Alvinlar Air.
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had never persisted long enough to cause local necrosis of the finger tips.
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posed, and appear both as exudative and productive processes. Most lung
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Proper treatment of an acute infection, such as scarlet fever, with especial
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forms of bacteria. Thus, it has been shown by Legrain, Kraus, Grosz,
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per cent, at age thirty is equivalent to an addition of seven years and nine months
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iiilnsioil iif till I itildlinii iiiiri riiim niilit'h' tii \ciit lii-lf ; llills, the I' U
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principal .Icll.cti^^n in !,-a,i ! an,l up in i,,..i _'. Wiicn li„. aiMTrant f.
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■jliiiids. whieli arc eiidddeiiiial in (irijiin. .hist as it is nmi'e or less
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bones of the skull. All the bones of the face and cranium are aflFected,
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tjic \ \iiic_' conditions of exc-i1aliilit> of the \ cntricnlar muscle, depci,
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active <rastric secretion. When tlie acid of the jrastric juice falls lielow
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th,. woun.l has h,.al,.,l. the seereti.u. ,-aii r,.a,lilv be e..lleete,l in a m.eiv,
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bilities are too well known to his local medical men.
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,;m< occnniiiK lici'inf till' iruTiilic arc callcil i>riiliinilt<\ or il' tlicy
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alisiirli till' imiit liii'sliuM siilistaiiiTs, siirli as urea.
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than those of the first, which were usually faintly of this leai'tioii. Con-
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cause of all the infections of the urinary tract. As to the bacteriology of
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Involvement of the bladder, even if advanced, is no contra-indication to
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