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more zeal than discretion, he punctured the rest of it. Happily, he
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6. Consideration of memorials, resolutions or other business
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says the author, it had been impossible to find it, but it was
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of its action would appear to be that xylol is taken up by the blood, and acts as
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hand of the physician grasps the knee in the popliteal space, so
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That from neoplasms is often the most difficult to control.
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methods of contentment. Chemists have made known the proportional
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not believe its destruction to be effected by the alkalies, but by
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it is dicrotic. If one listens at a distance from the
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ject, that the following are some of the advantages wliich
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on account of its comparatively uniform low temper-
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the task we must accomplish mental and injury or disease.
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" 13. The impossibility of maintaining a military health corps sufficiently
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trouble, I requested a consultation with Dr. VV. R.
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Meningitis, either cerebral or spinal, has been met with as a com-
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old, and the tumor removed weighed fifty-two pounds.
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also deferred to the future communication above al-
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wedded to the ran ~t faculties of discernment. In his writing!
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the skin, blood-vessels, and sulKUtaneous cellular tissues.
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swellings, although a large ovarian or parovarian cyst with a small pregnant
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prescriptions, when he sells drugs in bulk he gives 16 ounces for
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ported by the State of New York will be no longer a burden to the tax-
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belonging to the enemy and the state of health of these animals is
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horses liaving open sores or discharges from the nose
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American physician, Dr. Dewees, has also much testimony in
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tense anterior or posterior compartment, but cannot or
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thick and tortuous. Blood-pressure by ]\iva-Hocci 140 mm. Chest
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is sometimes very rapid, the tendency among operators
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wounds, however insignificant, in which from the nature or
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Brunswick Black. Melt asphaltum, and add to it half its
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and subsequently a broivnish pale hue. The circulation ceases
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1-1/2 pages of text (excluding references). They should not duplicate
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operation is the same as in ordinary cases : if such be present,
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symptoms. So far as the certainty of introducing a probe or
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you did it! You, Chakijane Mjololo!" His father looked at this new
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ment in them of fibrine which they did not previously contain.
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myelitis. Jour. Exp. Med., 1913, Vol. xviii, p. 242.
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are moderate, and will be made known on application
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lation passed by the 49th legislature, believing it to exceed
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tient from a mass of coverings, cotton-batting, and lard-