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Editors and Publishers Southern California Practitioner,
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of a century ago. Thougli Semmelweis died Avith no other reward than
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meningitique de la grippe," are embraced in the French literature
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prompt, though brief, notices of new books; greater
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diseases affecting our domesticated animals, the majority of
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nal, includes three representatives of the medical ]>rofession.
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{b) Mauser bullet lodged in the front of the fifth lumbar
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ic. These nerves have their origin near the floor of the
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would be the Argyll-Eobertson pupil, the sharp, shooting nature of the pains
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is not safe to infer that he did not notice it, and did not draw his own
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disappearance of this latent period and to a great increase in the rate
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lutely dry. The duration of the lesion is very brief, each last-
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cause vomitin.g. In peritonitis the pain is localized at
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me with the subjects if I would hypnotize them. This
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blood, but to deep congestion. These nodules, when situated near the sur-
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maining 10.53%- were from indirect causes. Preventable factors were
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description applied until he had examined the authors'
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out on the tumor at the side, they are tied off in a double
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If we pass on to the examination of the tissue of the affected
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in General Surgery) ; German Medical Society of the City
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bivn much discussion of late years respecting the existence of cells spe-
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lowers in Italy. In England and this country its use
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neuralgic pain or paralysis, and are usually aggra-
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in which bilateral headaches occurred, unless there appear
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a post he held until the following year when he resigned.
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to 100.6 on the next, the 36th and last day. The blood sediment was 26.5 per
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to send me a sample to test. Many of the fungus vegetable
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Deuniber 27th. — Give picrotoxin (gr. j'j) at bed-time for a
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Dr. E. D. Ferguson then read a paper on " Exophthalmic Goitre," in
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title under which I present this case. The sensory symp-
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that time was psychological rather than physical. However, on 19
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the attack of croupous pneumonia. Of irritants acting on the lung more