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of children. It should be sought for in other acute

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the finger up by the side of the rectum till only one large sac remains. If

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arise, generally in the way of reflex excitement, and the same

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to induce a tendency to congestion of the upper parts of the body.

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from eight to eleventh rib and anteriorly 3 cm. beyond the costal

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A police officer of the city of Petersburg, named William

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Jan. loth, of tubercular meningitis. He was a young man of much

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sensitive nervous disposition or in the subjects of organic

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centre of the roof-wall of the pustules. Eventually, it too, as a result

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is nothing gained by building up a coil of a higher potential than is actually

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surgery, and hardly ever fails to arrest a disease which Avould

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whole week before his death, except about half an hour on the 18th.

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The addition of astringents to a solution of atropine and

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of chronic obstruction had existed some two weeks and

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of the mildest kind, will pass through the bowels with little delay,

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30 pounds of weight ; many chills, drenching sweats, very

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especially those of a chronic type, proceed from errors in diet,

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air and take a reasonable amount of exercise. Internally, take 1

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arises. Dental support missions are classified as direct

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The B. W. & Co. Serum Syringe, for use with all serums, is

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trusion has taken place, by compresses, cloths, etc.,

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but so long as they are within the glass they are of no avail

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by, the stage of convalescence. The consideration of these fevers will also

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Dr. Forlanini's, from Professors Maragliano (Genoa) and

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tracted vigilance, and in pregnant women miscarriage is apt to take

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cent.; hydrarg. bichlor., 1-5000; protargol, 20-40 per cent.; forr

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Linda Hertz Jon Hinson Hilda Holman Doreen Hughes Jim Jamison Angela Jennings

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performed, are of course matters of grave importance. It may be accepted

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improvement in the condition is generally manifested

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scarlet fever, the desquamation commencing on the second day after

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ence in oxaluria and the oxalic diathesis, but those cases that I have

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set of men: "In 1625 the Senate of the University of

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ticujmia appeared. The dull curette — oven the sharp curette —

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