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properly care for the animals, the captain of the vessel is requested to report the fact
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zation of the Missouri Heart Association. The Committee
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soinid wliii'h symholi/es the jtarticiilar<-t.
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sv.npton,-. .M^ulualiy .iisa,.p-ar, l.ut tliey ean W ol.taino.l more or less
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writer's personal notice from Maryland, Virginia, the District of
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Ill aniiiials with an Kel< (isliila ami with the hepatie artery lifjatr.!
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sized or smaller nodules, which on section were similar to those in the
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to cooperate with the local officials in the different infected localities
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for culture Case XIV. In the slides that were prepared it was
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«f iirie aei-l ami a eorrespomlin..' ineiease in the exeretion of ammoni,
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nicating with the respiratory or alimentary tracts.
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and for long periods of time, also tuberculous monkeys and rabbits,
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found that the amount of free jiliicnse in the lilood nf the vena i-a\.i
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90 per cent of the total. It is economically practical
together in 1873 and both reported it. Tarnier^s account {loc. cit..
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pulse is transmitted from the end of ihe axon to the
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probably be thick in the wind. Meaty withers and shoulders are
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terest in his work, are essential qualifications for
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by the University of Illinois professional schools,
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A sow (in this sense) is one that has had at least one Utter or is clearly with
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Fia. 14. — Longitudinal section of stable shown In fig. 13, showing system of ventilation.
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On gross examination there was a large firm yellow-
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certain soiiikI ami « ith cci'taiii sensations of iiardiii'ss, lotiiiulit y, cti'. This
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w lien testeil liv means n|' tile intestinal seirmeiit iiiellid' it did so in a
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performed by employees of the abattoirs under the supenrision of an offlcial of the
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thick and opaque. Microscopically, the nodules in the pulmonary artery
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Examinations of the Blood in Typhoid Fever. By W. S. Toayer, M. D.
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The establishment reminds one of the typical country slaughterhouse, being inde-
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extended with profit. Secretary Eusk in his last annual report
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obserration with dyspnoea, palpitation, ascites and anasarca.
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7. Kline, B. S.: Arch. Derm. & Syph. 55:514, 1947.
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■uniniUa aina!-ri.i •.■.■,:-^ iMtr«due.>d so as to block the backward movement
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for educational purposes, and this has been and is now being done.
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like tubercles were found on the omentum and attached to the peritoneal side of
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injection mass could be forced into the narrower course of the heart
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Kansas City; Wallis Smith, M.D., Springfield; E. C. Boh-
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" a little dull,*' and refused dinner, but got up in the afternoon in order
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cumstances that might result in headache are neglected,
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now is, and always must remain, that of an agent for devising, dis-
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the fiscal year 10,105 doses, prepared by the Biochemic Division, were
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2 cm. in its long diameter; this is situated on the posterior wall about
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been removed and condemned. Not the slightest objection can be raised against this
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present who could clear up any misunderstood matters.
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