Tegretol Classification

well-developed normal men. I have carefully measured the cardiac
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This rather unusual case of rectal fistula, opening into the vagina,
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milk diluted with a mineral water or barley water, light soups, and later
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especially in mosquitoes on the West Coast of Africa, being clear,
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this period, he observed a low diet, and his treat-
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A large opening was made, but no caries, nor polyps, nor
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Two days later she was taken home in an ambulance, and had'
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ing chill and evening fever every day, from Oct. 30,
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ment immediately after the operation, but the attacks
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into boiled milk, and eat it freely, and nothing else, until the disease is checked.
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points of interest in which I would like to have the help of the oculists
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these facts, in the form of historical reference. Then, as to the insuf-
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fluence of the heavenly bodies, but through their belief in
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tion of the gut and the delicate serous membrane which
tegretol classification
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e^ !, the day of their arrival ; on the ne.\t day, Sept. '1th, Dr.
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From a careful examination of cases, it appears that chronic catarrhal in-
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being described in the /Im. Food Jour., xv, No. 26, February, 1920.
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