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explanation, for which we are indebted to Professor Pelletan, is equally

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ration; and 3d, the development of new and morbid growths in the organs, as

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filter. The remaining liquor, almost transparent, was now evaporated to

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justice to the viands placed before them. Families be-

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an inch and a half on either side of it. This will be found of great use,

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board the '' Star of India,'' which, after forty -eight hours, proceeded

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should be continued at least half an hour. The flame should not be more

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heel was less than 2 inches wide), and it should come

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individual's state of preparedness is such that the in-

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in Case 6 delirium existed. In this latter case, also, the sphincters

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ble with health, still a successful reduction course requires

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phuric acid, if used, may, by this operation, form yellow spots of sulphur.

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cancer is early operation, and every alleged cancer "cure"

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the safety of the organ. But notwithstanding the severity of the symp-

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The author considers the very general belief in the frequency

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ever the woman is of bad character, or has an interest to deceive, he would

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mission. And as for the secret "cures" advertised in

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imtil after the early rams, which usually fall about the end of Sep-

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monohydrated sulphuric acid. By this plan an approximate

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heating, and exercise, as bearing upon respiratory diseas

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stains are formed most brillianUy, there finally retain it. (^Jinnales, vol.

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In Four Volumes Octavo, handsomely bound, wiih a portrait, containing nearly

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the knowledge that perfect sublimates were obtained from nearly every

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above case, he has met with three other cases which have been simi-

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whims of the teacher, the principal, the board of educa-

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On admission, he had considerable fever, passed large quantities

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or idiocy, for the same reason that idiocy is uie most common form

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filled with a soft twist of cotton moistened in hot glycerin,

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part only with what paralysis, in part with what irritation of the

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only'' between all and any of these ; also (p. 29) that '' such

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Of course, when the skin is stained yellow by bile the

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Hernia.— Oi the fallopian tubes and ovaria. Refer to Deneux. Rech. sur les

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companying cirrhosis, without disease of the heart, may be supposed to act in

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the labours of his colleagues, such as Brodie, Syme, Jones of