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Pachymeningitis and Hematoma of the Dura Mater Acute Cerebral Meningitis Anatomical

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recovery can take place when the lesion is due to some change in

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Sugar in the urine does not necessarily signify diabetes. The

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others, the amount of difficulty may be so much increased as to render it

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in the adult. Do not mistake appendicitis to be errors in feeding, indi-

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not more than f inch in length. This concentrates the current,

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certain precautions. 2. Before every injection the sound must

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severe pain, the excessive tenderness, the muscular spasm.

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pyaemia, erysipelas of the face, etc. Emboli, consisting of particles of

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utilizing both the Rontgen ray picture and fluoroscopic observations of

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phlyctenular, or herpetic eruptions of the conjunctiva or of the

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the cervix ; hence, it is of no use as a diagnostic

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plastic, white, soft, and opaque; the medullary portions, brown and more trans-

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