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years ; suffering first from fainting-fits at the menstrual period, afterward from
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then alarming symptoms manifest themselves, cardiac failure possibly
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Alfred Armand Louis Marie Velpeau. I suppose one reason
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Hospital of Philadelphia, the Elizabeth (United States Government)
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Moselles rather than the champagnes, unless the latter are
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sumer, for chemistry has become such a science as to make
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After a few compresses the patient grows more calm, the inspira-
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ulcerative) ; gastro-intestinal catarrh (of the duodenum and rectum in
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The effect of the drinking of large quantities of water upon the blood
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covers the open space between the neck and the edge of the opening.
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forms of the bath are used; electricity and the masseur and
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very grave, as it has never been found there during life, except in cases
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shortly before the head reaches its ordinary position ") has not been
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experimenters are almost equally worthy, among them the
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his improvement is but limited. The most we can hope to do
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of Physicians and Surgeons to the other universities. The Uni-
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The inflammation, however intense, may quickly subside in one joint,
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but little less spared than those of the cities of the South. On the other
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(5) Bilious Pneumonia {"-Malarial Pneumonia "). — When lobar pneu-
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all Communications and make all Chei^ues. Post Office Orders and Postal
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and often terminates by an apj)arent crisis. The jndse is small, feeble,
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demics were observed both in Europe and the United States, and subse-
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injection of antitoxin. Our great effort should be to find
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The treatment embraces, in addition to the usual antirheumatics,
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has reported cases in which a fatal coma was of renal origin, and hence
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our ideas on chemistry and physiology, so far as developed,
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also facilitate the application of the sheet. The first impression will
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remember the third mate, a rattling little Irishman, made the
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tality has been twelve per cent against thirty-seven per cent under the
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The affection is only slightly influenced, if at all, by meteorologic
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Without detailing the histories of his own cases, the author will
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is secured around his neck, and over this a rubber sheet is similarly
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not gone on well, using at the end of his letter these words :
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nuts. The olive farcie is a toothsome but rich morsel. They
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development of miliary tubercles in many and widely-separated parts of
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be acute or chronic. The disease is a protean disease, and I
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place. In opposition to this view, Grawitz has repeatedly insisted
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riety attaching to John was the long time he had been con-
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vous symptoms, also render the mind clear ; they diminish mental dul-
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the clavicle, and then the patient should be asked to breathe deeply,
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pended more thought and more labor than upon all other manifestations
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with the use of the ice-cap, are serviceable. The gastric symptoms
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corroborated the results obtained by Schuller in animals.
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