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the right lung was affected; in 32 the left; in 17, both organs. In 27 cases
trazodone bestellen
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still reveals an area of dulness at the original site.
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relapsing fever, there may be as many as eleven, five
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49. Hagiwara: Centralbl. f. allg. Path. u. path. Anat., 1915, xxvi, 481.
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The number of members on the books last year was 14,703.
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especially favored by the decided dilatation of the auricle at the end of
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Acad, de cien. med. . . . de la Habana, 1876-7, xiii, 393-
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manifest in remote central ganglia or viscera through various
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ment. This appliance was used by the author for his sphygmobolometric records
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The man had accidentally resj^ired coal-gas while connecting a tube with a meter.
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While on my feet I want to take occasion again to express myself
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tary. The next meeting will be held in St. Charles.
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