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It will be seen that the substance on which the immunity to

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of the area involved was sometimes sufficient to prove that defective

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pearance. Our explanation is purely hypothetical but it seems

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be helped particularly by local cold (see p. 68), or, if the heart action is

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Of the several vegetable proteins used in these experiments,

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tures nourished during the last two months of intra-uterine lifeV

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don Press, it would, indeed, have been a matter for wonder if we

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paragraphs of their Report a very strong argument in its favour. The Uni-

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frequently, and froths profusely from the mouth, 4.33. — Stands

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severe pangs — " stabbing, boring, shooting like lightning, flitting

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Experiment No. 2. — A pariali dog was bitten at 3.28 p.m. in

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minuter lesions. The minuteness of the bacillus, and the shrinkage

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more accurate, scientifically regarded, than the first part ; and, be-

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The patella should be removed. It diminishes the length of

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Those forms of emaciation which are due, not merely to a general

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of pure water, is thus altered, he determines that " its parietes

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above the origin of the profunda, and found not only that the pres-

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guinea-pigs is a costly one, and this factor is of much importance

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Between the years 18 18 and 1852 many articles were written

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threadhke tail. One extremely large form was found dividing

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working of the process may be gained by excluding the preliminary

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siderable enlargement of the spleen and liver was recognised,

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is readily phagocy table, especially for the bactericidal experiments.

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ance of trauma), the therapy of haemophilia must consider (1) the stage

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therefore, not have thought of reporting it but for the fact that I ob-

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Britain. But though no epidemic has yet occurred in this country,

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list generally best adapted to adults ; a second with squills substi-

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Caudal Appendage in a newly-born Infant. — A male

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required by phenol for the same result. If results are desired in

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d, The fiee extremity of the rod connected with the foot-piece on one side, which

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the suspension. In each experiment the following mixtures were

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veloped part of the genital passage (as at the Lrim of the pelvis)

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and perhaps even in some degree for Barnes, they are nearly in

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females of the modestus species gave more positive results than

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mended by many authors, especially by the French. They maintain that

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life of the child. During traction upon the body of the child, the

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On account of the great variation of temperature in the United

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reduction of weight, life in the open air favorable to oxidation, and