Triamterene Hydrochlorothiazide

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Pliila., 1891, xxii, 90-lU. ^!«o, Keprint.— I.UlIe ( D. )
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portance of this rule, Brown-Séquard's extraordinary success
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Has not had a fortnight free since it began ; paroxysms now con-
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changes and rapidly advance beyond the curative stage.
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favorable case for operation. For example, I have now
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took," drove him to a dispensatory, where for fifteen
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R. Russell., Dr. J. B. Green., Dr. R. H. Buckner., NEUROLOGY; Dr. R. S. Carroll., GASTROENTER-
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organisms either in the blood or in the affected skin ; in most cases where
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Quite a large class of cases of chronic bronchitis are purely secondary
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Dr. Engel says, " Whoever has learned old Greek will
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treated by colchicum, and afterwards by hydriodate of potash,
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battery of the same strength, connecting the two. The most
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ture is not directly at the navel, but a few lines below it. The
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euiioaity both from a pathological and surgical stand-
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mesenteric vein was not seen, as the retro-peritoneal tissues were
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Treatment. — There is reason to think that acute bronchitis maybe
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— the length of time this sedative is usually By James M. Northington, M.D., Boanlman, N. G.
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author, and the Journal will bill the author for this expense.
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necessary in regard to nystagmus and intention tremor. I have had
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noxious. A child between three and four years of age ate twelve laburnum
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rection, both through metabolic disturbance, and by
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restored to its place by means of sutures, which connected it to the sheath
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do than take a shower or play around in a swimming pool for half an
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Health of Adolescent Women in the 1980s (Women and Medicine),
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clearly visible. The distended coils of bowel began at the
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All coughs are from their very nature spasmodic ; but some, from the
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sity than those which follow next. Occasionally such abortive strokes
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and therefore constitute a developmental defect, and not a hyper-
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assay which allows better reproducibility. This was carried out with the
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alone the case at times may seem hopeless, but we are always led
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they are mitral or aortic." Hope gives the proportion as 20 to 1.
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academy was considering the topic, "How may the medical and teach-
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sion. 3. Inoculation of guinea-pigs with portion of tissue from
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Six normal rabbits of the same color (white) , and of approximately
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centre, when I found that I could get the sac entirely
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ihondii and rdles in the lower lobes of the lungs ; and in a manner strik-
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what class of readers such a book would not prove useful,
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ard Keene Hirshberg in the April Delineator. The constituents
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mainly localized in the right iliac region, but spread
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phthisical subjects, L. Appleb.\um (Berl. klin. Woch.,
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uated in the lower part of the right iliac fossa. Next in
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probably has some relation to the cirrhosis of the liver. In this connection