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successive parts of which succeed each other so rapidly, it can-

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a large body in lordosis and the characteristic goose-like waddling gait cannot

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already inflamed eye. It, moreover, does not contract vessels

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In this work the author has divided the book into three divisions.

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vaults or kitchens that admit a free current o( air. Without

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declare that its salutary effects have been so uni-

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Typhus local forms that are confined mostly to the air-passages, and the

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of the blood diseases the evidence is wholly clinical.

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a riot, a crowd of men, of which he was a member, surrounded a railroad car. The patient

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be made in the policy already promulgated regarding the

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The present century, now drawing to its close, saw in

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J. Freeman Dana, of Cambridge, " On the Importance of

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Before proceeding farther it nny be well for us to re-

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profession in the Southern part of our country. The

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the life, or have made a difference in the amount of the annual premiums.^ One

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dicious to treat a patient with pneumonia by diaphoresis, under the

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problem. Also I would like to thank Dr. William Friedman for his kind support for the

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alcohol has for the most part evaporated — about five minutes out-of-

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termed stercobilin, and was first isolated from this source by Vanlair

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and privileges of active membership excepting those

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polling booth; but in spite of his partisan ardor "the great

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The schooner Barkelew (Berkelew), S. S. Kittridge, Master, arrived from

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and then under conditions which are not understood or denned. They are never

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present article. The following points, however, are worthy of special

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the medical profession : provision of facilities for the

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of the nervous system, was the antidote for barbitu-

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vox early labors, and enjoy the reflection that in this good old State