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who inhale coal dust. Therefore there is a tendency to

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fell victims to acute or chronic pulmonary disorder. Many of

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of cases of lameness which we meet with in practice would

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him up before them in session they rebuked him and threatened

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blow to the authority of Galen an equally severe blow was given to

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acts as a powerful diuretic. It renders the lu ine neu

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which the secondary affection. In either case the renal symptoms may

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often physicians will find that nervous persons who are under weight are

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be some means of confining it to the original center of infection.

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uteri in those cases of intractable vomiting of pregnancy which threaten life

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hastily in consequence of the intolerable stench emitted on

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To return to the tubercle. As stated the cells of the tubercle

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The chief of our x Ray Division in France has said

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in the existence of inflammation or necrosis at the portal

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opportunity of influencing the practice and reputation

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attempts at removal with forceps a teetotaler suggested the

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lating the centres in the medulla. It still remains to be seen whether

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left to untwist the pedicle it was fleshy and very short not

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urethra. This is found even when the smear is decolorised with per

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The following letters were named not in order and the

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The propriety of a mechanic analysis of the changes in the pulmon

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mon variety is hemorrhage from the stomach or bowels and is known under

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water is not handy bicarbonate of soda and a little vinegar

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as well as its therapeutic value. But amid the enthusiasm of

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life in immediate jeopardy and to impose the necessity of performing

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Obstetrical Society of London P.M. Annual Meeting Elec

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ate on benzoic acid. Occurs in a white powder. Soluble

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and Vibrion septique the former in titer the latter in .

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Although the first visitation of this disease in Great

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is employed by injection in those cases where the article is

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air. As far as our knowledge of them now extends we

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physical mediumship must be accompanied by an unstable character

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