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advantage of having a broader instrument than the common Daviel's

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partly to action upon the motor tract of the brain, and

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when an opening formed near the right ala nasi, through which a

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the animal, together with the dark, green- colored urine, are

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pense with the roller, but I am confident that, to ensure this safety,

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and. after a day or two, forty grains twice daily. I know that she

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vided that such payments shall not extend over 52 weeks. The asso-

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coated tongue, and unpleasant taste. She passed but little urine,

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tives, and form a palatable addition to dry fodder, particu-

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under one of the most ferocious complaints in the whole catalogue

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Properties. — A colorless or faintly-yellowish liquid,

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highest science, the most generous philanthropy and the truest pro-

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by his ability to tell large letters held far from him, which he could

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track of the ball was not less than fifteen inches in length. Two or

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of some deeper seated malady or blood-change, requiring accordingly

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depression of the spinal sensory tract and general anaes-

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Linseed oil is frequently given to ruminants, although

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indulge freely in the most trivial, and, sometimes, in the most vulgar

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100 ; and liquorice root, 100; with alcohol and water to make 1000.

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able in indigestion and spasmodic or flatulent colic.