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Herodotus referred to an epidemic of dysenteric nature in the Persian Army and

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being applied. The temperature was but 99^° on sec-

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i-'pit-9-me\ n [L, fr. Gk epitome, fr. epitemnein to cut shortj

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tagionist it should seem stranger still, that, notwithstanding the mortality at

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tion, melancholia — comprise the mental troubles, or choreic psychoses,

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overwhelming majority of cases the cause of the condi-

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Chester to give evidence useful to the prosecution on

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anterior corpus quadrigeminum, where the fibres must make connection

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being 927 more than in 1835. One thousand five hundred and

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Urine — Delta amino levulinic acid (ALA) and porphobilinogen (PBG)

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in excess, and the red corpuscles appeared swollen and

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ishing unreasonableness of this statement. One hour

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ness " whenever the Medical Department of the Army is

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Law & Pharmaceutical Industry; Staff and Board Disciplinary Action;

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Theophylline clearance is reduced when used concomitantly with propranolol.

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plunged in marasmus and coma, is generally carried off by asphyxia. Acute

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place in a joint and remains permanently out, the injury is known

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advised, with increased elimination and the administration of an

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ologist; as regards practice the following questions naturally

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cent combination. It is both pleasant and efficient. Calcalith

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soil of the peninsula. All the luxuries — all the monuments — all the power of

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fluid under high pressure, with a positive Nonne and

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aura, accompanied by tonic and clonic convulsions, involuntary dis-

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use in my own practice, and presume others may iind it of

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always very severe on the ushering in of a new tooth, or from

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unfortunate cases in my practice followed directly upon the

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*' 4. Chronic abscess of the bones in general, abscess of the diploe, and ab-

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home the next day, three miles distant, and was confined to her bed three

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she had a convulsion, followed by four more during the night and the next day,

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gestion is the cause of death. Dr. Annan, in a dis-

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Otis, E. O. The child and the community, 489; Artifi-

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although the same result will be obtained, as equally satisfac-

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"Thirdly, and simultaneously, various parts, especially the muscles,

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Section of the valve was recommended, with a qualified prog-

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line of treatment. So long as compensation is complete