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New England Kitchen, knd he hoped it would be the beginning
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all the various methods of treatment. Still, I can call
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within a few weeks, and the lesions of scratching well marked, the
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" 2. It is almost never developed at a lower temperature than 60
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of details of vague import, until Cuvier proclaimed the important law of the
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nutely examining the different viscera, for nearly four hours, I
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or two it has been necessary to repeat the antiseptic
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to that of Nothnagel, but, on account of his very feeble voice, the num-
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Dr. Charles S. Bull, of New York, reports Two Cases of Ophthal-
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The privileges of the position are so well assured, and
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cases of puerperal fever from their personal appearance.
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too reticent ; some too imaginative, others too matter-of-fact ;
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that the most favorable climates aid in the treatment of tuber-
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n. s., vii, 31.— IVecliayeJir (A. A.) Sluchal perforativnavo
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of aggravated symptoms. If there is perforation of the
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having a curative influence over gout are now rarely employed. Their
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section where the air contains less moisture. The dry air readily
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the Belknap Sewing Society ; the weekly dancing parties ; the
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is not aware of any satisfactory explanation of its occurrence. It is seen
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extracted the wire with the forceps ; it was one inch .ind a
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or vaginal atresia and rupture of the wound with escape of the contents
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donors and recipients are divided into four groups, and in these the
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12. No water from shallow wells or springs holding surface drainage shall be used
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July. Dr. Reinhardt, formerly of Detroit Lakes, is a
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that the health records, sick reports, medical surveys, etc., be kept
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vision may ultimately be hut little impaired. Sometimes iritis occurs as a
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icteroides is the specific cause of yellow fever, his bacillus is now regarded as a
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dose, i. e. somewhat less than that by which the specific effect was
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size of a walnut. On the third day the signs of tetany appeared,
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periodically for increased intraocular pressure and barbiturate habituation or addiction; caution drivers
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a total of 1^' ])ints of milk and (i or 8 eggs arc consumed,
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spect, with the expiration much prolonged, and with a croupy sound. A solu-
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the intestines are thin and sanious. In chronic contagious
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one or two doses of aperient medicine; and the constant appli-
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thyroid tumours, or aneurism of the aortic arch. But probablv all