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Web Design and Development Leeds

Our SEO (search engine optimisation) department is situated in the metropolitan city of Leeds, West Yorkshire. A busy and vibrant city, Leeds is a great place to work. We are situated very close to the centre of Leeds with excellent transport links.

Further to Leeds, we also have offices in Harrogate (web design) and York (web development):


Leeds is a major city located on the River Aire in West Yorkshire, England. It is the urban core and administrative centre of the wider City of Leeds metropolitan district. The county borough of Leeds was awarded city status in 1893, but in 1974 this status was transferred to the larger new metropolitan district named "City of Leeds". Thus Leeds, although commonly referred to as a "city", does not have this legal status unless the wider area is being discussed.

According to the 2001 UK census, the population of the Leeds urban area, the area within the outer ring road, was 443,247, whereas the wider city included in the City of Leeds metropolitan district has a population of 750,200 (mid-2006 estimate) and is one of the eight largest English cities outside London that form the English Core Cities Group. It is at the centre of a metropolitan region of around 2.6m (although only 2.1m of these live in West Yorkshire; the remainder in North and South Yorkshire).

Leeds was voted 'Britain's Best City for Business' by Omis Research in 2003 but dropped to 3rd place behind Manchester and Glasgow in 2005 ("Relative under-performance over the past two years in transport improvements and cost competitiveness were the major contributing factors"). It is also regarded as the fastest growing city in the UK and has a diverse economy with the service sector now dominating over the city's manufacturing industries. Leeds is the largest financial centre in England outside the capital.

Growth sectors in financial & business services: banking, labour recruitment, commercial cleaning, legal services, insurance, pension funds, computing, architecture and civil engineering, real estate, investigation & security, accountancy, equipment leasing, consultancy & market research, advertising, and R&D.

Web Design Leeds

Web Design Leeds