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Live in York? Check out the new Sweeney Dog Pet Services website

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Intune Media are pleased to announce the new Sweeney Dog Pet Services York website has just gone live, providing a great user experience and one stop shop for all pet care needs in the York area, making you and your pets lives a whole lot more enjoyable.

The Background
Sweeney Dog Pet Services successfully launched in Yorkshire in 2008. It’s not difficult to see why they have an increasingly large and satisfied customer base.

“It’s a great alternative to using boarding kennels and catteries - and it’s right here in York!”

“Sweeney Dog can walk your dogs when you are away. Your dogs will love it and it means you don’t have the expense of putting them into kennels!”

Bernard Flynn came to Intune Media for advice about the Sweeney Dog Pet Services website, as he realized customers are increasingly looking online for products, services and reviews.

The Challenge
To provide a search engine friendly, easy to use website that allowed existing and potential customers to make an informed decision about their pet needs, ultimately to drive online enquiries and bookings.

The Solution
As part of the initial design process, we created a user journey specification. We sat down with the client to define the various types of customers that could potentially visit the website and the different tasks they might wish to complete.

These included finding out about dog walking, pet grooming, pet taxi, dog care, cat care, key holding services, nutritional advice and food and micro chipping services.

The website design was created, ensuring that all expected customer needs were fulfilled. Defining the user journey at the beginning of the project allows the website to be evaluated at different points to ensure the goals are still being met. This then forms the basis for the end-user testing scenarios.

The website itself is based on a wordpress content management system (CMS) allowing updates to the website to be made quickly and easily, with the added benefit of a business blog for company news, tip of the day and product reviews.

One of the most important tasks is to drive users to the contact details. A call-to-action has been placed on all pages of the site so no matter what the customer entry point, they can find this information easily.

The Results
The website was launched on time and within budget. The result is a clean, easy to use site that allows customers to view all of the services offered, signup to follow Sweeney Dog Pet Services on various social profiles and all important customer service functions to be carried out easily and efficiently.

The website is undergoing constant optimisation to ensure maximum visibility in the highly competitive world of dog walking, pet grooming, pet taxi, and dog care, and continues to grow in popularity.

Question and Answer session with Bernard from Sweeney Dog:

  • How much does it cost for a walk?
    The minimum 30 minute walk costs from just £6.50.
  • How long is the walk?
    Walks are tailor-made to suit you and your dog.
  • Where are you based?
    We are based in Haxby and Skelton.
  • Where do you walk my dog?
    Dogs are walked in a suitable location around the York area.
  • How do you collect the dog?
    We offer a FREE first meeting where we come to your house and meet you and your dog. We will collect a copy of your key at this point. Please use this visit to let us know about any specific services.
  • What areas do Sweeney Dog cover?
    We cover the all areas in and around York Please call for further information for outside the York area eg Sheriff Hutton Easingwold Rufforth etc.
  • What is Pet Feeding?
    Sweeney Dog Pet Feeding provides dedicated visits to your home, to look after your pet while you are away from home.
  • What is Pet Taxi?
    Our vehicles comply with UK standards for animal welfare and we are fully licenced to transport animals in safety to vets, relatives or airports. Please ask about our pet passport service.
  • What are your terms and conditions?
    Please click here for our terms and conditions before booking our services.
  • Are you police-checked?
    Yes! All dog walkers are police-checked if they are to visit your home.
  • What do you do with my key?
    Either Sweeney Dog can retain your house keys on file or you can have them returned, simply arrange with us when you arrive home. We take your security seriously. Keys are held in a secure locked box and are coded. Addresses and phone numbers are never attached to keys and the codes are kept separately. If you choose to leave your keys on file with us, we can be just a telephone call away in emergency situations, if you lose your keys, have them stolen or lock yourself out. If you are delayed getting home with heavy traffic or be unexpectedly called away on business, we can help you out by walking your dog.
  • How much is a house visit?
    A house visit to check on your pets while you are away is from £6.50.

Intune Media are experienced in providing websites that drive profit to business’. If you want more of the right kind of business, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation on your website’s  design, development, optimisation and online business development opportunities.

Do you need a simple to use, easy to manage website?

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Intune Media focus on providing cost effective business solutions in an increasingly competitive online market. We realise WordPress can be used for more than just blogging. By separating the ‘content and data’ from the ‘layout and style we can create unique themes that look like websites, with the powerful search engine ranking capability of a blog.

In a few words, WordPress is a handy CMS, that is easy to use (we can vouch for this having tried many other systems and even built bespoke solutions for clients) and once the system is setup, you can easily create, read, update and delete pages within your intune website.

It’s a great tool for helping with Search Engine Optimisation, which can otherwise be costly and time consuming. Search engines index blogs faster than general static websites and it’s a great way to get above the competition to that no.1 spot in Google’s first page for your keywords. Search engines understand that blog-sites are a gold mine of information and will commonly have their content updated more regularly.

Understanding these principles, we can leverage all that systems like WordPress have to offer when we build your site.

Carpe World Coaching International is an example of a wordpress powered site we recently launched that has been of huge success to the client; enabling them to hit the ground running with their marketing campaigns supported by a professional, search engine friendly, visually evocative and easy to use website.

Let us help you with a website that will benefit your business, amplify your business exposure, generate more business enquiries and increase your business profits. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

ecommerce website terms and conditions - are you savvy?

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

When we sit down with a client looking to take their first step on line, I’m often asked about website terms and conditions. In an effort to provide our blog readers with everything they might need to know, here is a rather good digest of the necessaries, provided by a trusted specialist Jane Lambert:

Every website requires at least two sets of terms -

(1) website access terms; and
(2) a privacy statement.

If goods or services are to be acquired or supplied on-line the client will also require terms and conditions of procurement or supply. If access to certain parts of the site is restricted to registered users, the client will also need registration terms. I refer to these collectively as “e-commerce terms”.

Website Access Terms
A website is essentially a computer program that generates sounds and images on to a user’s screen when processed by the user’s browser. Like all programs the source code for a website is a literary work pursuant to s. 3 (1) (b) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. So long as it has not been copied slavishly from an antecedent website copyright subsists in the code pursuant to s.1 (1) (a). In order to process the code, a browser has to reproduce it and reproduction of a copyright work is unlawful without the licence of the copyright owner. The owner can impose conditions for such licence and these conditions are my website access terms.

For a typical website I usually draft the following the following provisions:

(1) Licence Clause This usually goes something like:
“(1) Access to this website requires the reproduction of copyright material which can be done lawfully only with the licence of ABC Ltd. a private company incorporated with limited liability in England and Wales under the provisions of the Companies Acts 1985 – 2006 having its registered office at Wuthering Heights, Haworth, West Yorkshire BD99 0AZ (”ABC”).
(2) ABC grants such licence only on the following terms.
(3) If you do not accept these terms you may not visit this site and must leave immediately”.
(2) Acknowledgement: Visitors are asked to acknowledge such things as
• the site is only an information resource and does not contain professional advice;
• any and all intellectual property belongs to the site owner; and
• they are subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.
(3) Intellectual Property: Visitors are required to promise not to download copy or make use of that material otherwise than for their personal and private use without the owner’s prior written consent.

(4) Disclaimers: I usually disclaim liability for consequential damages and economic loss and third parties’ acts or omissions.

(5) Variations: I reserve the right to amend these terms upon reasonable notice.

(6) Severance: Should any of these terms be void or unenforceable they are deemed to have never formed part of this agreement but the remaining terms continue to have full force and effect.

(7) Forbearance: Forbearance in enforcing a term on one occasion shall not affect the right to enforce it in future.

(8) Choice of Law: Disputes and differences are to be determined in accordance with English law.

Privacy Statement
Collection and use of personal data are regulated in the UK by the Data Protection Act 1998 and similar legislation in many other countries. Such legislation is broadly consistent with Guidelines on Transborder Data Flow that have been adopted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. To facilitate compliance with those guidelines the OECD has developed a very useful Privacy Statement Generator.

A privacy statement covers such things as:
• who owns and controls the website
• the purpose of the website
• the data that are to be collected
• the use to which such data will be put
• whether cookies are to be collected
• whether it is necessary to register as a user, and
• whether the data holder has notified his use of personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998.
There should also be a statement that the privacy statement is to be read with the website access terms.

E-Commerce Terms
Unless the site owner is prepared to litigate anywhere in the world (including especially the USA) and has sufficient insurance or other resources in place to do so, there should be a clear statement that the owner will do business through the site only with residents of the UK. In International Shoe Co v Washington 326 US 310 the US Supreme Court established the principle that he who enjoys the protection of a state in order to carry on business there has to accept the burdens of being present in that state such as accepting the jurisdiction of its courts. What constitutes presence has been discussed in many subsequent cases but a distinction appears to have been drawn between “active” websites which solicit and transact business within a state and “passive” sites which merely supply information. If a site owner does intend to do business outside the UK he or she is urged to have separate sites for each country and to take comprehensive legal advice from a lawyer practising in the jurisdiction concerned before doing so.

It is important to remember what terms and conditions can and cannot do. They cannot be used to disclaim or exclude all liability. The Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 disallows the exclusion or limitation of liability for death or personal injury by means of a disclaimer or contract term and permits such the exclusion or limitation of liability for other kinds of loss only in so far as the term meets the requirements of reasonableness. I often liken exclusion clauses to the keep of a medieval castle. Best practice is the curtain wall or moat which keeps most intruders away. Insurance provides the second defence for the occasional slip up or bad luck. And terms and conditions manage risks that cannot be insured against.

Because terms and conditions have to mesh with best practice and the available insurance cover which differ from industry to industry and client to client it would be unhelpful to offer here an all purposes precedent. Each set of terms has to be crafted individually for the client and that takes me time and costs the client some money - but it is nearly always money well spent. All that I will say is that my terms make clear:
• when a contract is made and on what terms
• when it is performed
• when payment is due
• the precise consequences of non-payment
• the terms upon which a contract can be terminated
• the precise consequences of termination
• how notice is to be served and notification given
• how disputes are to be resolved, and
• which law is to apply.
In addition to the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999, The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and other consumer protection legislation websites have to take account of The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (as amended) which are known as “the distance selling regulations” and The Electronic (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 or “e-commerce regulations”. The distance selling regulations require suppliers to provide customers with their terms and conditions in writing, written confirmation of their orders, full information on cancellation and complaints and delivery of the goods within 30 days. The e-commerce regulations require the supplier’s name, address and contact details, his or her VAT number, professional body and other information to appear on the website.

How much does a set of website terms and conditions cost?
We advise our clients that his task requires a lot of thought and work. Effective terms and conditions cannot be cobbled together from a precedent book. We advise a budget of around £1,000 for all the sets of terms and conditions that the average client needs.

Choose Intune Media for your ecommerce website. We will make sure that you are expertly guided through the full ecommerce project lifecycle and if you should need further business development advice, we have trusted partners at hand to provide additional services and support, all under the intune umbrella. Contact us with your requirements.

new intune media site launched

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

We’ve just launched the new site, hope you like it. We plan to put in lots of hard work over the next few months to add to the blog, including articles on web development, marketing, web design, social media and maybe even one or 2 exciting new site launches.

Our strategy is to build intune into a fast-growing multi-platform full service agency by seeking out new developing markets and creating new business models based on eye-catching design, high quality content and cutting edge development.

Like what you see? Interested in a strategic relationship with intune, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your proposals.

site launch announcement. Carpe World Coaching International.

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

The Intune team is pleased to announce the launch of A new website dedicated to providing the most significant developments in business NLP.

Carpe Diem or seize the day, is about getting the very best from your business day in the most effective time-conscious way.

Possibly the most powerful coaching process ever devised, Carpe Diem is the culmination of over two decades of experience working with success-focused individuals in over twenty-two different countries.

We believe in always placing our client partners first and ensure that their experience with us is positive, purposeful and profitable.

Carpe World Coaching International offers a Signature Coaching Programme based on 7 and 16-minute telephone sessions with online support using audio , video and text rapide.

The original ‘Carpe Diem’ process not only supports workshops (we will work with other training and coaching providers), but also provides a complete coaching process for any kind of personal project or business development.

Intune Media. Helping our clients make a difference which is measurable. Contact to find out how we can help your business.

new harrogate nursery business website launched

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Intune Media are pleased to announce we’ve made another harrogate based business happy with the launch of their new website.

We’ve really enjoyed working with Ian and Josy on their new website and can thorough recommend funcare nurseries for anyone looking for child day care in harrogate. Check out their website at

Choosing the right childcare for your children can be a difficult choice for first time parents and as local working parents of 4 children ourselves, we know how hard it can be to juggle work and family life. Our Funcare aim is to make the initial choice easy for you and then keep your lives uncomplicated by being open, approachable and flexible in everything we do.

Josy & Ian Thompson

If you are a day care centre or nursery, get in touch with intune media to see how we can help you improve your online profile and generate more enquiries to your business. We’d love to hear from you.

Intune Media put new FD Training website live, for all your safety and diving needs

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Intune Media have helped another Yorkshire company online with their new website.

Freedom Divers have been teaching people to dive in Yorkshire and beyond since 1997. Our experience is unrivalled as is the warmth of the welcome our clients receive. We teach courses from complete beginner to Instructor, take party’s of divers diving in some of the worlds most enchanting dive destinations.

Our years of experience and dedication to the highest standards of training ensure our clients receive the very best in PADI Diving Courses and experience programmes. Our training locations in both Leeds and Harrogate allow our divers in both North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire to enjoy, relaxed, flexible training to suit their busy lifestyles. Our varied training programmes and trips will allow even the busiest diver to fit their diving around the other important parts of their lives.

The new FD training website, your one stop shop for all your diving, first aid, media, equipment and dive trip needs.

Intune Media offer professional dedicated support and services that span the full life-cycle of your web project. We will guide you through the different stages of your website from scope definition to go live, search engine marketing and online business development. Contact us for all your online needs.

new QU-CHI acupressure band website goes live!

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Intune are pleased to announce our latest site for airtight international is now live!

What is it?

Qu-Chi is so simple that people have said they’re very surprised that it hasn’t been commercially available before. It is a natural and drug-free way to get almost instant relief from the symptoms of hay fever and allergic rhinitis.

The band is very easy to use. Once in place (just underneath the elbow joint as illustrated in the instructions that come with the band), you can wear the band day and night without noticing it’s there.

How does it work? It uses the “Qu-Chi” pressure point, a specific focus-point on the body, linked to the front of the face and the sinuses.

Qu-Chi can be used while taking other medication and can be worn day and night and is suitable for all ages.

What’s makes this product unique is that it does not cause drowsiness. Something that those who suffer will understand the importance of.

The band is machine washable. Simply put the band on either before your symptoms appear or as soon as you notice them. It really works!

One size fits all.

Intune Media offer professional services that span the full life-cycle of an Intune-Media project. We will guide you through the different stages of your project from scope definition to deployment. Contact us for all your online needs.

new luxury ethical cashmere ecommerce website launched

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Intune Media are pleased to showcase our latest website

We recommend a visit to this unique website for purchase of the finest ethical cashmere from outer mongolia for your loved ones. CocoonU source from nomadic herders who inhabit the Steppes of Outer Mongolia - a far cry from mass produced items from China. The love affair starts with the first touch.


Like all luxury goods, public and industry perceptions often assume that all is equal and that the best is the best. Cashmere is cashmere surely? Well only in the same way that wine is wine!

To ensure that your cashmere items are the absolute finest, there can only be one source - Outer Mongolia and CocoonU in particular.

CocoonU combines classic design with only the best raw materials and an ethical trading model. All of our products are made from 100% pure cashmere from Outer Mongolia. The severe winters in Outer Mongolia results in Cashmere fibres that are thinner and longer than that from other sources with fewer indents along the length of the fibre - this makes for super soft yet resilient yarns and the unmistakable ‘soapy’ feel. Cheaper cashmere often feels very soft due to the numerous machanical processes it has been through but it will not have the lifespan of finest cashmere such as ours.

The Cashmere goats which supply the raw material for CocoonU products are raised organically using centuries old nomadic herding methods and are combed rather than shorn. We don’t mix inferior hair and yarn with our cashmere and refuse to compromise on quality.


“Having spent most of my life working abroad and travelling I experienced a wealth of cultures, beliefs and personalities. My experiences made me realise that to buy the best product once and gain a lifetime of use was an ethical and valuable approach to life.

The source of these products gives us all something to think about - the self-reliant and family oriented way of life of nomadic herders leaves a light footprint on the planet whilst supplying outstanding raw materials for your cashmere.

Our human resources policies are exceptional and rival the HR systems used in Western Europe. Our staff are paid more than the minimum wage, have the right to join a union, go on strike, and enjoy freedoms unheard of across the border in China - where most cashmere is currently sourced. Even cashmere ‘Made in Scotland’ is often manufactured using yarn from China.

In bringing this luxurious yet eco-friendly range to you I hope that in the coming years you will find that you can’t go wrong with a CocoonU purchase.” Vanessa Streeton, CocoonU Founder


Not only do CocoonU produce our own range of finest quality cashmere, but we can produce bespoke items for fashion labels, corporate clients and even individuals.

We can incorporate subtle design cues from your existing products and brands, even including basic images within the pattern. We use knits with high quality yarn in any colour and combinations of gauges for products ranging from scarves, shawls, socks, gloves, pullovers, travel sets, cardigans, jackets and blankets.

Whatever products you wish to give as a corportate gift, CocoonU can make them from an eco-friendly and ethically sourced exceptional material. To date we have been working closely with global luxury brands in sectors as diverse as yachting, fashion, professional sport, interiors, motoring and executive aviation.

For more information contact vanessa - or visit to shop online

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new website launch! Farrahs of Harrogate

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Today we are proud to announce the launch of the brand new Farrah’s of Harrogate website.

The new website showcases their wide range of delicious toffee, cakes, drums of biscuits, boxes of fudge, gift sets, sweet bags and bars as well as providing information for trade enquiries

Farrah’s has become famous for Original Harrogate Toffee. Established in 1840, now recognised the world over for our distinctive Blue & Silver Embossed Tins. Farrah’s now offer far more than just toffee. You will see as you browse through our site our product range now exceeds 250 different products. We supply over 750 retail outlets in the UK and currently export to 8 other countries.

If you have a retail outlet and are interested in any of their products please visit their website, complete the trade enquiry form and they will send you their full brochure and pricelist. Over 200 of their products are available. You can have as many different products as you want, all with your own designs.

Farrah’s Original Toffee. A wonderful treat for the whole family.

If you are a confectionery business and would like to discuss your website, contact for a free consultancy on your online sales potential in 2009. Intune Media is proud to support yorkshire business’.

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