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broken out among the recent inmates of a room in which fever
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in his condition by the antitoxin, except that the pulse-rate
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the body could be lifted partly from the support no in-
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tive disturbance and malnutrition for a long time got
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prodromata the definite onset is by an outbreak of spots which later
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and nerve-thickening has gone, and all pigmentation and
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had as an important object the determination of the renal threshold
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patient whose case necessitates frequent observation. In private
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toasi and beef-tea occasioned uneasiness and tightness in the epigastrium and both
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tudes in the tropics. It is a disease of winter, and disap-
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We learn with deep regret that Dr. George Taylor, the late
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1914. - Dale and Richards, Journ. of Phys., vol. Hi. (1919), p. no.
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never been luiown. It is quite possible, however, that further
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mococci were found in the blood in 6 fatal cases, four of them with lobar
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A\'Ari.i;s IN- jAxr.iRV, 1S67. — The following are the returns
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government. Whether it is true or not that the dis-
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used great violence to this part of her body ; yet on a careful examination,
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patient, therefore, I do not think it right to wait until his second
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that in Graves's disease the excessive thyroid secretion
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That author (1895) has made a careful study of the limb muscles of the urode-
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Fisher and Isaac H. Jones give a detailed account of
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" Ma pinkie, ma pinkie, ma pinkie ! " and I regret to relate that
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child is said to suffer from some sensorial defect, and is often taken the
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to all this I answer, Take pains to educate carefully,
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veins, it should be applied before the patient gets out of
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ry nerves in the articulata was exploded, at least fourteen years
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and all mental excitement and work should be stopped for a few hours.
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the patient was seen to be in excellent condition, the
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cases. It was my fortune to witness two autopsies in
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timore, recently. — The second report of the Boston Infirmary for Diseases