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Treatment is not very satisfactory in cases of old stand

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An Investigation into the Bacteriology of Dysentery in the

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one bacteria from another. It is a very difficult task to

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of hospitals under review for the entire year. This find

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The Comitia Minora reported favorably upon the following list of appli

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nothing is being done by the advocates of the drug in the way

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Spinal Epilepsy. In a case of spinal epilepsy Prof.

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subcutaneous petechias and extensor plantar reflex.

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stomachic in origin. The discomfort is apparently due to the presence of

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ventricles is nearly equal in relation to the resistence to be overcome and

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but the parents preferred to defer the operation until it

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delphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in Medicine

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scratching with the development of minute vesicles and even open

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many different methods of handling the problem of the special branches.

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Saturnine Diathesis. Hyosciamine Strychnine Arseniate of iron

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Expectoration usually small in amount or absent. Tubercle

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rous old men who have been long more or less gouty begin to

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tive mere quantitative being to which qualities are subsequently

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tacks due to nervousness she had a fear that there might

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number of drops of tincture of iodin used is propor

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violence such as blows upon the eye or operations or wounds in

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would especially mention that section dealing with aphemia

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produced an artificial nephritis in dogs and demonstrated chlorid

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the tesophagus is commonly practised. Nay cannot call to mind a

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which was found within a few inches of the ileo caecal junction.

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itself. Any number can be purchased separate and is offered to

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soft rubber catheter constantly in the bladder but fre

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small intestine at the other by small openings known as the cardiac

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upon the bowels sufficient to stamp them as cathartics. To

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gated for renal disease. The diagnosis is based largely on the

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creasing the danger to be apprehended from one alone.

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ments underlying the skin or in those of the muscular

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usual so that it was necessary to divide one branch only. The

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horses for money. We believe however that he trotted in under

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previously made boiling hot. When cooled a little add

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from scarlet fever but the date of sickening made it probable that the

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splinters of bones. The lesions of osteitis extended as far as the

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produced though it afterwards was found necessary to amputate the arm the