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disease is first detected by violent emesis, with pain in the

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N. v., — a case of successful (?) self-treatment for catarrh. This patient had

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has taken place, and then outlasts the reduction of temperature. He has

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The mention of the treatment of typhoid fever would obviously

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and consequently those muscles, the heart, for example, which act apparently only' by tba

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cardia. At the autopsy one finds neither a croupous nor a broncho-

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flammation and discharge. The prostate could not be

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Peritonitis, if accompanied with vomiting, may assume an appearance of

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cavity should never be irrigated, as this can only disseminate the

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measures indicated, therefore, are tonics, stimulants, and alimentation.

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period shall not be less than four years," — or, in other words,

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symptom of whooping-cough. Bounhut, of Paris, laid special stress on this very ulceration

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than controlled patients and perhaps equal to those on

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Inflammation of the oesophagus (oesophagitis), acute, subacute, or chronic,

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let us hope thit all its work will not only be done in

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firmities that I wish especially to speak, namely :

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Coster's paste (I> lodi [in crystals], 3ij.; oil of wood tar, or

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An emetic or a saline purgative was employed for gastric trouble ; opium,

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