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intervals from 120 to 160 weeks had been recorded for each town. By
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are undoubtedly painful procedures. It is to overcome these pains that
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watched by a gentleman in Alloa, whose son, eleven years of age, was labouring
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mixing thoroughly Petri plates were made. In each case a control Petri
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Fehling's solution was partially reduced to a green colour.
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followed by profuse and fatal haemorrhage, and the foetus almost always
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4th. The brain is capable of producing sensations independent
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idea is wanting amongst them, because the meaning of abstract
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rare instances uremia, the latter occurring when both kidneys are diseased.
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we wade through swamps of pus, blood, and morbid tissues,
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Perrin, and Duroy^ have, indeed, with very large doses, seen a
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an animal thus exposed to the contagium will, whilst resisting
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constant stirring; the litharge is to be slowly sifted in while it
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dav the horrible conditions presented at the clinics ten
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be physically perfect, and yet the subjective symptoms of the patient remain to
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Samples Sent upon Application. Express. Charges at roni Expense.
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covery, and was allowed to go to his country home be-
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varying from a light bluish or grayish tint, to a dead white, which was charac-
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According to Boas, the objectionable feature connected
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not the steady progressive emaciation or the picture of cachexia which we
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mesenteric glands, mediastinal glands, peritoneum — in
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bable, because it is in direct proportion to the frequency of the attacks.
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zontal axis, in which the mixture of the liquids is effected by
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but there is no evidence to show that these cases were gonorrhoeic.
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^ Lecture delivered at the London Polyclinic in February 1904.
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its removaL This circmnstance has induced some physicians to iden-
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Western Infirmary (adjoining the University), over 600 beds.
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ance of scar is of great importance, for wliile a cicatrix
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his judgment dictates. It is impossible to determine what is
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cularly by Dr. Aeland, that there ought to be under each of
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tion of the human body can be accomplished with rapidity and per-
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and in 90 per cent, of those preceded by grip. Y. Boland recommends remaining
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pends upon the kind of venom and upon the susceptibility of different
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cinal nitric acid and two volumes of water. Under its influence
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progressed so far. Malignant tumors of the intestine,
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worms; he goes so far, however, as to attribute disease to the swimming and crawling
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Charlie has great aspirations of becoming a surgeon. He readil\' agrees with
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"'.'t a -ubdural ha-morrhaue had oeu.rred a- the rendt .,1 a eerehral
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Prc^rnosis and Treatment of Diphtheria, by I>r. W. F. Boggesy Louisville, Ky.
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blue is prepared. It is soluble in water, and alcohol, giving thereto a violet-
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inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the laryngeal
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