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through the skin into the veins of donor and recipient i drains the
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when the acid is diasoWed add the carbonate of magnesia in small fragments^
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deposits them with the paymaster and obtains a paymaster's receipt
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Those of my medical friends to whom I have given samples of the preparation warmly endorse my
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forced to acknowledge 1 hold testimonials of their approval of my professional
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1894 (No. 1140); Popo Agie river, August 1, 1894 (No. 714).
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and exhaustion of the vital energies, and yet all, with here
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The signatures to this petition are worthy of our passing
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fected stables should be carefully closed and excluded from all
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not shrink under the fatigue of nursing their children.
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two daughters, Mrs. Frank H. Arnold and Miss Lucy A. Hazen,
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(Read before the New Brunswick Medical Society, July 18, 1883.)
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