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nervous centres (the spinal coid unfortunately being not examined),

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ments, due to carelessness or lack of experience in the application of

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assistant-surgeon in the Army, and assistant-surgeon of Volun-

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Lima, 1896, xiii, 229-231.— Lucas (C. G.) Subnormal tem-

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we find that the purulent collection was in the right lobe, alone, in

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through all the layers of the cornea,) with its edge turned up-

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the two amendments and there no audible opposition. The

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are only temporary relief, and ten say results are unsatis-

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large endothelioid cells, fibroblasts, epithelioid cells, and giant-cells mixed with lymph- '

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by morning remissions, the temperature rising eacn evening from a degree

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training in applying narcosis is given, and advocates that it be made a com-

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Hofmeister as the assimilation limit. This varies in normal persons

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who recovered completely of the rash, and left the hospital,

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There were no osteophytes in connection with the upper part

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drops fibrinosus. Arch. f. klin. Chir., Berl., 1894, xlvii,

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and opium have been much relied on by many. Practitioners speak

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second place they may leave lifelong wounds upon the

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treatment by camphorated naphthol was adopted. After a

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accent on the second pulmonary sound. Sounds of the aorta clear.

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and return pipes are of sufficient length they can readily move about, and

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gave relief, but the discharge never ceased entirely. During the past

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difficulty of finding the posterior portion of the urethra. After long

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effect than it otherwise would. This occui-s in two

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employment of infected tissues as antigen. The pneumococcus was

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which the pathognomonic sounds were heard, did all, and each of

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ble if brain disturbance or breathing occurs. A long, fine

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poor. Dr. Knopf is the author of an American publication

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tissue. Every red blood-corpuscle is an oxygfen carrier. Pneu-

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to seize upon the present favourable opportunity of

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representatives of the insured and the representatives of the

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fill the lumen is placed in the handles. Each half is

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nearly ceased. The substance vomited had a dark color.

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Aseptic wounds thus treated give really a simplidty of

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min is, as a rule, abundant; exceptionally there is a mere truce or it may

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We shoidd not have dwelt upon these minutiae, which may to

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ally comes from the drinking-water, but it may not be

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occurred in Albany, N. Y., and two in Columbus, Ind.