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itself the result of a persistent displacement of a frag-
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Peanut pasture compared with corn meal. — The Alabama Station
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♦Data on file, Hoffmann-La Roche Inc., Nutley, New Jersey.
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other apartments. Xnrse recommended by Physicians. Baby
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We are so far on our way to Seetapoor, which we expect to
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that, after they reunite, one of the nasal passages be-
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face, which so much resembled urticaria that it was considered to ap-
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should be exercised, as an aneurysm may thus be ruptured or a deeply ulcerated
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much improved ; weight 7 pounds ; spleen and liver enlarged. The child did
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onary artery of the lip, which was divided with the mucous
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2 p.m. ; Charing-cross, 1 p.m. ; Royal Free Hospital, lj p m.
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he agreed with Dr. Jacobi that the name "lacunar ** amyg-
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heart. The heart beat becomes strong, the small arteries
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other type of hypermotility, which is essentially a hyperperistaltic
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potassium iodin three times a day. After the tenth injection, all ulcerations
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forming tracheotomy which have come into general use at the present
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in solution in divided doses, in quantities of from one to two
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effort on the part of our French brethren, who seem nothing
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tion of his holiday seasons with his most intimate friend, Dr.
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meaning. The spoken w^ord, which has been familiar from
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The Thermo Re.sistance of the Serum of Animals injected with
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epigastrium, with the thighs flexed on the abdomen in order to
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ably below the level of the third rib ; the measurement of the corresponding sides
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tioned in which they equalled, and even surpassed, the volume of the
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Eontgenologists of experience judge of heart-size not by milli-
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We enlist the support of all levels of management to reach this latter goal as
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plasms, cysts, etc. , and trauma. We will discuss in full the
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6. Scrofula and phthisis co-exist in the same family. More
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headache, pain of back and loins, and general fever,
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the symphysis pubes, and watch that the uterus does not
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far as it is apt to be repeated frequently, without instinctive desire, and at
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women of ages ranging from twenty-one to forty-eight years. Two were pre-
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from the mucous mombrancH and internal viscera occurred.
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ment and the condition of the gastric juice. The coagulated
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appear, therefore, from what facts we have, that the reflex influence was
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with the Editorial management of the Reporter. His constitu-
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orrhage from the uterus continued after the removal of
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Diagnosis. — The first cases of an epidemic may often be doubtful, but
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other forms of vertigo depends upon the association of the foregoing symp-
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