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from your own country was especially notable. By the side of
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the acou.stic character of the sound itself. I have known the boom-
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She became gradually weaker, and died on the 10th of June.
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ainoiig us; and that notwithstanding the enormous sacrifices our com-
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a man swallowed three grains of strychnia at a dose, and was saved
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ginous taste, with a faintly acrid after-taste. Spec. gr. 0.915-
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Constituents. — The active principles of digitalis are four
zantac tablets 150 mg leaflet
held at ('ambridgf,', a paper was read by I>r. (iibb, " On the Physiolo-
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inflammation, and the latter agent also diminishes reflex
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cm. or more long, with a few digitate leaves, having linear-
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lum, and to tie it with strong silk or linen thread. In a healthy
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of turpentine and brandy. Where there was marked ccreljral ex-
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middle, four fifths were alive and doing finely on the tenth day, when
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These experiments may not apply to all animals owing
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The drugs used in the treatment of the diseases of the
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engaged in teaching ; and thus the benefit received is at once widely
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tenth of an inch into the calibre of the artei-y, and no doubt contri-
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high fever and obstinate constipation. The drug must be used
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phate) + 2 Ca SO,. Filter and add sodium carbonate to
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antiseptic properties are then lost. This action is prevented
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t" |iltMirisy know with what obstinacy the plastic exudations produced
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Dose.—U.., 3 i.-ii. (4.-8.); D., ttIv..x. (.3-.6).
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tuberosity of the ischium on the same side. The track of the ball, in
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camel is severely taxed, the fat is consumed and the hump be-
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was found to be present over the whole of the left side, and also
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Fredericksburg, Va., and was living there at the time of the bombard-
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my knowledge extends. We must conclude that agents not recog-
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I have lately carefully examined those at Worcester, Groton, Box-
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friends who were at first inclined to doulat the accuracy of my in-
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ture of the proceedinixs; kept pickinc: and graspinc^ at imaginary
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Hospital. All these cases were treated very successfully by the use of sulphite
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must in hospitals, as in other public institutions and associations, of
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Uses. — Podophyllin is particularly indicated as a chola-
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acid for the purpose of producing general constriction of the
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deavor to neglect no means that seem to promote the certainty and
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Wfokrt Kiiice, wa« well known to most <;! the physicians ol" Boston,
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activity. The cerebrum, and probably the spinal cord, escape
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in other words, the separating of liquid substances from each other
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Deaths ix Boston for the weekending Saturday noon, May 30th, 71. Males, 41 — Fe-
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isting in the barracks. These are constructed of pine, which was
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ciency of either. The effect upon the augmentation of haemo-
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first shaved and the parts soaked and scrubbed with green
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but a moiety for the department of therapeutics, that it is no wonder
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live from fifteen minutes to half an hour after receiving the