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according to the size of the animal. The injection is made sub-
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patient could not support the surgical trauma. There
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reduced or even entirely removed by the occasional injec-
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I found distinct relative dulness on percussion at the left summit in front
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as the age of twelve years, whereas, according to him, nearly all the
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present in quantity, in particular calcium supercarbonate, the
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in Pathology, Evans Institute, University of Pennsylvania.
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additions, such as are easily made to things already
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after an external examination can be of any value, such being much
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curred of a patient being twice admitted, each time with variola.*
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possibly the thyroid, which is known to hasten the oxidation of fats, affects the lipoids
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management of these diseases have failed that efforts are perhaps
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any of my cases of genuine conti-acting kidney, or to confinri
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were of the same character as the vesicles, which are rarely found in con-
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by section of the vagi, and concludes that the substance
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2. Number in all other departments (excepting dupli-
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other publications must give credit to the source; written|
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as his brothers and sisters had, and they did not suffer as he did.
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that time there has been almost a revolution in medical thought, they still
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explode. By this time it was but fair to assume, the
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the blood, taking water as the standard, and assumed it
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Anderson, Lowell L. Associate Professor of Physics in
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knowing them, but to three or four persons whom she
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Columbia University; M.D. 1955, University of Bologna
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nary emotional stress might be given for persons with occa-
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ceased or have been stopped by remedies of a temporary kind