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can be exhibited before any effect is produced. Dr.

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n.embrana must double up on itself in the manner shown in this speci-

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rels onl J once in four days. Such a case is aingu-

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in quality necessarily involves a proportionately higher cost

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1^0 fat at this time. Specific gravity, 1.008. No tubercle bacilli

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giving repeated saline purgatives, or mineral purgative waters, such

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1898 e. — Musculature of Dibothria. [Abstract of Luebe, 1897 dj ■ J. Roy. Micr.

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rise of blood pressure only when the reflex arc was anatomically and

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physician, even though it be one for whom one person-

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ease, when diagnosis may be difficult. The tuberculous joint lesions

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Goodrich, Charles Howard. Clinical Associate Professor of

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round, and beautiful it may seem, is but as the child's

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By William Nicholas Lackey, M.D., Gallatin, Tenn. Reprint.

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seemed to him that the wise physician would take care

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tremors in 2 to 4 percent of patients. The major an-

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order to provide comprehensive medical, psychosocial,

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styloid process of the fibula, and lodged. He was also

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the same time on both sides of the face. Often after the subsidence of

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which cavity was also the seat of a fibrino-purulent

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While, in the midst of no little perplexity, racking my brain, search-

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always think their loved ones beautiful. Active, happy love draws the

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suddenly aggravated, and a sense of weight and distress in

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appears consequently to have been associated with, or replaced by, a

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Moore, B. Hoisht, of the 0.8. Y., E. M. Battles, C. Kern, B. J. Mnl-

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their unceasing attentions to the visiting ladies during their stay

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another procedure, which, although first described in 1895,^ has

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of the fountains having been tampered with, in order to pro-

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a prompt response, alternation of the current may be employed by

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delivery not having been of a laxative nature or the first

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example, in acute infections a dose of toVo to ainnr rngrm. is given

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Passions Exceed Will — A Splendidly Developed and Preserved Virility.

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himself under the care of Professor Moos. This distinguished

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the bile duct, or the nature and the uses of the bile, are

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Therapy — Effective therapy of trichinosis began in the

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cute. The subject of State examination and the endorsement of

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"alien Hospital." The Crown continued to appoint Masters, including John Arundell,

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ting the landing of foreign animals alive was repealed, and

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Loretta Ann Eithorn, Aulander, N,C.; Betty Jane King,

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mained in a healthful sunny home in the country, ap-

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forearm were much diminished in size, and neither directly nor indirectly could

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such disease as mania transitoria could possibly occur, and that